Our Kitchen Designs


U Shaped Kitchen Layout

U-shaped kitchens enable two or more people to cook at once. This is a great advantage for large families or homes that host parties or events. U-shaped kitchens, despite their ability to perform multiple tasks in the kitchen, can promote less crowd which keeps everyone from bumping into each other while they cook. Read on to know the different types of kitchen layouts.


L Shaped Kitchen

The key to making your kitchen space functional and enjoyable is choosing the right layout. The traditional L-shaped kitchen design is a popular choice. This layout allows for plenty of storage and flexibility without feeling cramped for space.


Parallel Kitchens

Galley kitchen is another popular name for parallel kitchens. With minimal fuss, cabinets that are crafted to run parallel to each other allow you to have everything at arm's reach. Parallel Kitchen design allows you to access all your kitchen appliances and workflow space from a single location.


Island Kitchen Layout

An island kitchen provides a functional and practical space. Also, such kinds of kitchens are best for families or groups who hang out in the kitchen area more often than not. When paired with tall units and built-in appliances, island kitchens can be a popular choice. Islands are great for socializing around and preparing food at the same time.


Straight Kitchen

Straight kitchens are one of the most functional and simple layouts. It is also known as the one-wall layout. This layout is ideal for studios and small apartments. It saves space and costs by having the kitchen triangle placed along one wall.


Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular kitchens are modern kitchen designs that have been built in modular units or modules. These cabinets are made up of selected components of standard sizes. Modular kitchens are usually a combination of wall units and base cabinets.


What are the different types of Kitchen Layout? And How to Choose the best one?

The Idea is Simple - to provide the customers the options to choose the best designs and within their budget. We study the layout and understand the client's requirements before suggesting the best kitchen layout per their budget. Not only that the customers will also be provided the option to choose their preferred Kitchen Interior Design Companies .